The chickens are judging me again.


This past holiday, my mother came for a visit and God love her, did the dishes for me one evening. (Ok, she did the dishes the whole time she stayed. And the cooking. And all the menu planning. What? She wants to. And I want her to want to. See? Everyone wins.)  

Anyway, encountering our very large chicken scraps bowl we keep by the sink, she asked- “Will the chickens eat anything food based? Even, (insert her dubious, horrified expression here) their own egg shells?” 

Yes, yes they will. And they will eat lobster shells, …. and even that nasty freeze-dried, cheese flavored kale you thought was a good idea at the time. In short, chickens have no shame. They really don’t discriminate, they will tear into anything we toss out there and pick it clean. Every time the chickens get an influx of pretzeles and Oreos, I can tell they’re just rolling their eyes thinking “here we go… she going gluten free again”.  One evening as I was scraping plates and picking out the chicken scraps, my husband stopped me and said “wait, they won’t eat the banana peels.” Really? So that’s where they draw the line. Banana peels. I gave them my leftover salad yesterday which may or may not have had bacon bits in it (you need protein in your salad), but banana peels are a no. Gotta love the chickens.


Chickens won’t really eat everything, don’t test their limits, please check first what is ok for them to eat, like we probably should do at some point. I’ll get to it.

Don’t show this post to your own mother in a passive aggressive attempt to get her to do the dishes when she comes over.

Bacon bits do not really count as protein.


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