Finally!!! New art to share…


I finally came up for air on Friday from a week of snow days, and commitments that kept me out of the studio.  I think I may have actually “squee-ed” when my husband took the kids to school that morning! I’ve got a list a mile long for studio work, so I had to choose just one or two things to work on, but here they are!!

I’ve have fallen in love with block printing, the process of carving designs into a slab of linoleum or other carving material and printing with them on paper or fabric. Even though it’s a huge departure from my usual oil paintings, I LOVE the graphic quality block printing achieves!


My grand plan is to do the whole alphabet (um, could take a while, don’t hold your breath) and offer them as children’s room, or classroom decor! I’m not going in order, because I’m enjoying visualizing an illustration first, then pairing it with a letter…

I’m absolutely taking suggestions for other letter-inspired designs, so chime in with your ideas! I’m thinking about “Orca” for O…

I will be listing “M” and “H” on my Etsy shop by the end of the day today, so if you want a closer look, click on the link under my profile on the right!


Say something brilliant! No pressure.

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