Clever post title goes here…

So I’m new at blogging, (hi mom!) but seems to me from reading other blogs that posting regularly is what helps most in building readership other than my mom. But what do bloggers find to write about every day? Let’s see what did I do today… I just came back from having my eyes dilated.  Should I write about that? That doesn’t seem very blog-worthy. From what I understand blog posts are supposed to be beautifully written tutorials about how to make your own shelves from tofu and pottery shards, accompanied by a well lit, perfectly filtered picture of said shelves.

You’ll have to settle for retina dilation today. Maybe I can assign it some deep meaning…

Getting my eyes dilated 40 minutes ago, in addition to making typing this post really, REALLY difficult, gave me a new perspective on life. Or maybe they just made me appreciate my horrifyingly expensive sunglasses when I walked out into the parking lot. They worked great. I would just like to say, that owning horrifyingly expensive sunglasses does not make me a vain person, it makes me the wife of a generous man who apparently hasn’t noticed that I’ve been wearing the same pair of sneakers for 8 years.  When I first got them as a Christmas gift I was so freaked out that I was now going to have to be responable for not breaking them I kind of developed a complex… in one low moment I actually once elbowed my OWN CHILD to prevent him from climbing over the front seat of the car and stepping on them. Since I don’t have a well-lit, perfectly filtered picture of that moment, we’ll just have to settle for this one.


Like it? I made him out of tofu.


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