There will be bugs


It’s that time of year again for us to visit family below the equator! 100 degree temperatures and cockroaches the size of Mint Milanos not withstanding, I am looking forward to our annual trip to Brazil.

Of course I’m happy to get out of this crazy cold weather, but something about international travel with two young children is a wee bit anxiety provoking… still packing at the last minute, terrified the kids will get sick, trying to remember that thing I was supposed to do…

Did I mention we are leaving in 5 hours?

We’ve learned to our pain in the past that we are just not going to be those travelers with one small peice of luggage, breezing through the airport, content to live off the locals at our destination… the rule of the universe in our experience is: if I don’t pack it, we will need it.

That bag on the far left I have dubbed “the pharmacy”. It contains every medication known to Man, and enough of each in the event that all four of us are afflicted with the same illness for two weeks. That may seem nuts, but we have yet to go to Brazil without a trip (or two) to the emergency room! Good times.

Am I a crazy person to be bringing my block carving supplies? If you’re not going to pack light, might as well do it like you mean it. The kids are older so I’m thinking I might actually have some down-time this trip. Stop laughing.

No, really though. It’s going to be great. Breathe.


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