Meanwhile, on my other continent…


So I’m finally getting around to sharing my Brazil trip with you… man, time sure zips by around here! There are so many things I want to share about Brazil, I know I can’t pack them all into a post, so I’m going to be setting up a new page soon with our travel gallery. This felt like such a special trip to me, somehow a little different then all the past visits. When did it happen that touching down in Sao Paulo felt more like coming home than arriving at an exotic vacation destination? When did looking at my sister-in-law’s face start to feel like looking into a mirror?

I’ve been traveling to Brazil on a regular basis for 13 years, and I feel like the balance has quietly shifted from “that far away place” to a place where memories have taken root in all the regular places we visit: From the family owned Padaria (bakery) where we have our morning coffee, to the everchanging landscape of bustling downtown Hortolandia, and finally to my in-law’s home on the deeply sloped street of tighly packed houses like two sides of a zipper, that hardly changes at all.

I always say that Brazil is beautiful, but the truth is, where we go, I don’t think most people would agree. There is alot of ugly- the red earth seems to kick up a constant dust that hangs in the scorched air. It is a relatively new city, so homes are always in some state of construction, staying that way for years. On my first visit I assumed that it was an old city that was crumbling apart, when in fact it was only 10 years old at the time. But it’s a beautiful kind of ugly, you know? Like crudely rendered outsider art, you either see the beautiful, or you don’t. Of course, we also travel to the beach, and the mountains, where the beauty redefines the term “breathtaking”.

So, anyway, we had a great trip (yes, we went the hospital- this time for an ear infection, and no, I didn’t get to use my art supplies that I had packed), and we missed it before we even left the ground. But, we are home again, and for me- back to artwork! I’ll post soon with some fun new stuff.


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