Back to Basics


I’ve had to take a micro step back for a bit from working on my art business, because I think with all of the business I’m losing sight of the art! I made a list of goals for myself at the beginning of the summer, and even though I’m nearing the end of that list, I’m still feeling like I’m not getting any closer to my overall goal of being a career artist. I remember feeling similarly at the the end of last summer. It’s as though I was thirsty  and decided to dig a hole to reach a spring of water. I keep digging and digging, trying different approaches,and different tools, all the while thinking that if I don’t find any water, how can I justify all this digging?

I guess what I mean to say is that I’m a bit worn out! Maybe it’s the marathon of trying to get things done with the boys home from school, or maybe it’s the guilt of trying to get things done with the boys home from school, or maybe its a little of both. Or maybe… it was the list itself. It did strike me that, of all the items on my list of things to accomplish for my business this summer, 99% of them were in the digital realm… Digital photography and editing, listing products, set up and maintenance of social media, Etsy teams, treasury building, and blog posts (*ahem*).

Very little art has gone into my art business this summer! It’s time for me to take that deep breath, just as I did at the end of last summer, and ask myself:

Why am I doing this? Answer: Because I love to paint.

So why aren’t you painting? Answer: Because I can’t paint if I don’t have the justification of it being my career.

Response: Baloney. Go paint.


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