If you are disenchanted with the lifeless, mass marketed jewelry that is in every retail store, and are a person who appreciates simplicity as I do, then you are in just the right place. Whether you enjoy having a handful of truly beautiful, meaningful, jewelry pieces to choose from as you get ready each day, or you are a collector with an eye for special pieces, your jewelry collection should make you smile! I am so delighted each time I send a client her one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art jewelry.

You may have discovered this site because you have a special person or pet in your life that you want to celebrate! Please check out my Wearable Portrait Gallery link at the top bar of the page. I think you will find just what you have been looking for in my modern, spirited portraits set in jewelry. When you choose my portrait service, you will be choosing an artist who will work with you to achieve a portrait that reflects your pet or special person in likeness and spirit.



“Every time I look at the portrait, I’m amazed once again at how you captured her spirit perfectly” – Elizabeth C

“(The portrait) is beyond fabulous! Just showed it to my daughter… she’s amazed, as am I, at how exact an image it is! You are very talented…I am so delighted!” -Pattie D

“(Kathryn) is very talented and so the portrait becomes wearable art. I gave it to my daughter who has a Cane Corso puppy, and she loved it. I highly recommend.” -Inga B


How it all began

After studying fine art at Wheelock College in Boston, I painted in oils and watercolors for friends, family, and myself for many years as I tried to balance starting a pet care business with my husband, and raising a family. It was not until my children were of school age, and my husband took over running our business, that I finally had the time to honor my passion for painting. I began painting pet portraits for many of our pet care business clients, as well as still life and landscapes celebrating the natural world. It was around the same time that I discovered the art of painting in oils on copper, and fell in love with the luminous quality of the finished paintings. And while I still love creating full sized paintings for clients, something happened that really ended up defining my handmade business…

The story behind the “small”

Two years ago, my mother and I inherited the artwork of my Great Grandmother, Brigetta Moran. She was a fine artist, and among the stunning charcoal works and oil paintings were the works she was best known for: her miniatures.



Brigetta was an accomplished miniaturist, painting for members of high society, and important figures such as Military Colonels. The pieces we inherited were miniatures of our own family members, and I remember being so affected by the sense of family, tradition, and history, and just wanting so much to be a part of that. Even with a background in fine art, it was still a difficult task to teach myself how to paint in miniature, but now I am thrilled to be able to carry on my family’s tradition. My miniature portraits are not in the old fashioned style of traditional miniature portraits, but rather my own modern version with portraits that are still timeless, and spirited.


I have become hooked on presenting my artwork in this way, and so I have applied the same treatment to my landscape and still life works!

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